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Hello everyone.
I want to sell Artwork Photoset 30.

Perfect condition, for $15 + $5 for shipping.
PayPal only.

Thank you for attention!


Hi everyone.

I've never posted to this comm before, but I need a bit of help.

I have a ticket for the live on January 12 which I can't use, since I'll only be going to the last live in February.
I am looking for anyone who is already in Japan or will be in Japan for this live, who would like to have the ticket.

NB: I do not want any payment for the ticket or postage, because there is a chance it won't arrive before 1/12.
I am not trying to make any profit from this, I just want to give someone else a chance to see this live because I can't.

If anyone is interested please leave a comment here and I'll contact you. It needs to be sent as soon as possible, so it can arrive in time.

As for information about the live:
The venue is Meguro Rokumeikan (目黒鹿鳴館). You can find information, address, etc (in Japanese) on their website.
The venue opens at 5:30pm, and the live starts at 6:00pm.
The ticket is #181. (The venue fits 200-250 people, so you will be near the back.)

For people who haven't been to a live in Japan before:
I'm giving this ticket away for free, but you will need to pay ¥500 for a drink ticket when you arrive. This is normal in all Japanese livehouses. You can exchange it for a drink at the bar during the show.
You cannot re-enter the venue if you go outside. This is also normal. If you leave for any reason, the staff won't let you come in again. However, there should be toilets inside the venue that you can use.

Please leave a comment if you're interested!

I'm sorry, I've just found someone! But I will update the post if it's available again.

Anyway, who will be travelling to Japan for the last live?


Selling 9goats Black Out merchandise

Unknown Luck Halloween with Kozi
Tanatos photo card
Tanatos clear file
Photo set

Click here for more info and prices.
Also, check out the rest of the sales journal for lots of goodies from similar bands.



first off, hello~! xD

as everyone knows, 9GOATS will take their final bow on february 9th, 2013 at akasaka BLITZ. in response, i’ve been saving up to hopefully attend and say farewell to a beautiful band i’ll deeply miss. however, i’m pretty much on my own going to a country i’ve never been to before… and that kinda intimidates me. my next step in planning is finding someone or some group attending the last live next year so i’m not completely alone and lost, y’know? xD

so, if i may ask, fellow 9GOATS fans… who’s going?

the longest i could stay is 10-12 days because work, and i could help out with group expenses like hotel and stuff…
message me if you're interested in meeting up or w/e related.

thank you. <333

i can't go.
living expenses comes first, and i won't have enough leftover for anything in time.
had to get my tickets refunded, too. ; ;
i'm sorry.
have fun, whosoever is lucky enough to say goodbye!! <333


Translation of the comment from OHP:

“The announcement of the disbanding.

Everyone who supported 9GOATS BLACK OUT,

In early spring 2013 9GOATS BLACK OUT announced a breakup.

During the year, new album is going to be realised, in begin of 2013 lives in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya will be held and after that we will hold our last concert, and the group will end its activities.

Details of the new album as well as information about participation in other events will appear later on the official site.

We are grateful to all of you who throughout these 5 years continued to love and nurture a world that can show the music of 9GOATS BLACK OUT.

The last album we put all our feelings, so we ask you to refrain from any comments or questions via comments and e-mail.

Keep being with 9GOATS BLACK OUT until the end.”

Visual Kei band 9GOATS BLACK OUT announced that after 5 years of band activity they will disband in the beginning of 2013.

Compared to this information it may be only small consolation but there is also good news from the band: They announced that they will release a final album. More information isn’t available yet but we will inform you as soon as they reveal details about it.

9GOATS BLACK OUT didn’t give any reasons for disbanding yet. They only revealed the dates for their last performances: After giving three lives in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo in January they will disband after their last live on February 9th at Akasaka BLITZ.

Thank you.

Selling GULLET CDs

Hello everyone.

I have some GULLET CDs for sale. 

I'm selling new and unopened:

Mad bless you - CD Maxi Single - 4 tracks (limited edition of 2000 copies) Unopened $30

Hide & Sick - CD Maxi Single - 3 tracks (limited edition of 4000 copies) Unopened $30

I can accept PayPal as the easiest form of payment or money order. Shipping is $4.00 for in the US for First Class Mail, but priority can be arranged. International shipping varies by country.

Here is a link to my ebay feedback.
Thanks so much and please let me know if you are interested!


Apr. 16th, 2012

Hello, dear members of 9GOATS community!

Much time has passed since last community update.
I keep a few communities dedicated to 9GOATS, so I haven`t always had time to update this community. In recent months, as you can see, here`s no updates at all.
I don`t see any reason to update the community, because it seems that nobody needs it.

So please, write in the commens, if you want to get new information about the band, if you interested in long life for this community. What do you want to see - pictures, news, video, or all together and so. Write anything that you want to, I consider any request.



Hello. I want to ask how the ordering process is on 9GOATS BLACK MART.
Last week I sent webdesk@9goats.net an email about what I want to order,
with paypal as my method of payment.
So far I only got an automated email saying that my order has been received.

How long does it actually take to receive an invoice? Thanks for your help!